Creative Direction

Creative direction portfolio

Pride Toronto

David helped pride put together its first ever video team, as the company had focussed on primarily creating photo content in the past. David hired a team of videographers, editors, media assistants, and motion graphics artists who created coverage of the festival. He also proposed, conceptualized, and executed the “what I add to pride” video series in association with a marketing company which went along with the 2017 theme of “+”. David is renewing his contract with pride and is currently planning several multi-episode content pieces as well as expanding upon the team that he has already set up an helping initiate an influencer program.   

RED: A Gallery Showing

David self produced a gallery showing of 15 pieces from his RED series which he produced and shot a few months prior with a team of over 20 Toronto based creatives. David coordinated set building, model casting, pulls from 5 designers, a creative team, and shot the series himself. After retouching and having the pieces blown up and professionally printed, David created the event which also featured 8 musical acts and 4 official afterparties at top toronto nightlife venues which David also coordinated. On top of all of this, David created a strong visual identity for the show by personally creating over 40 cohesive posters and graphics as well as fully creative directing the visual merchandising in the gallery by integrating elements from the series into the physical space. The event was quite a success, selling almost all of the large prints and garnering significant attention from local media including being listed as one of the “Top 10 Art Shows in Toronto for Summer 2017” by BlogTO.

McLean Watson Capital

David started as an intern at McLean Watson and over the half a year he spent at this VC, he worked his way to being their Chief Artistic Media Director, their in house specialist on all things social media, digital marketing, and creative. David created countless graphics and designs for McLean Watson and their various startup clients, ran incredibly successful creative facebook and instagram ad campaigns, conceptualized and executed guerrilla and experiential marketing campaigns, and worked on creative elements of over 20 brands.

Cash Talent Management

On top of working as an influencer agent, David was in charge of all creative and marketing components of this short lived, yet successful influencer management agency. David designed his company’s website, business cards, printed content, and created a strong, cohesive visual identity across social media which worked as a key factor in the company's ability to attract over 30 top influencer clients.

White & Black

David recently came on as the Creative Director for this exciting upcoming high end streetwear brand. David has already designed the first generation of products for the brand and created a cohesive visual identity for their brand new social media that has already garnered the company over 14.5 thousand followers on their instagram with no pieces released. David is in the midst of planning and executing a top tier influencer campaign, as well as several photo and video shoots to generate buzz for this exciting up and coming brand

Pro Prep

David recently joined this startup as their Creative Director, running all photo/video aspects of their company while consulting the founders on creative and social media components of their marketing initiatives. More information coming soon.

Art Hoe

Art Hoe Started out as a piece of Merchandise that David designed for his RED gallery showing. After almost selling out of the product at the show, toronto brand Untitled & Co picked it up for in store distribution. Due to this, David has been inspired to create a brand around this trendy phrase and expects to release a second generation of products by late fall, and a third line already in the works, by summer 2018.

Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

David worked with the CGLCC as a consultant in preparation for their 2017 Galla. David advised them on various creative tactics to boost their social media engagement, ad campaigns, and video/photo planning.